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Training with Paul Cavel in Crete, 2019

About Anna

As a child who loved dancing and gymnastics, I was entranced when I saw someone practising tai chi every morning on a communal lawn outside my grandmother's house. The movements seemed so graceful yet inpenetrable. I knew I wanted to explore them myself some day. In my twenties I learned some yang tai chi, then took a diversion via yoga, meditation and tango. Eventually, in 2015 I discovered Energy Arts, the school of Master Bruce Frantzis, and began training with Senior Instructor Paul Cavel.


 I'm a mother of two teenage boys and work in documentary film in London, so I'm no stranger to stress!

I've found qigong / tai chi to be my most reliable refuges when navigating the sometimes stormy waters of life. They also bring me fulfilment, vitality and tranquility, and help me feel more connected to those around me. I love to practise outside in nature, something these arts are especially conducive to. Weather permitting, I am always happy to hold teaching sessions outdoors.


​I hold Energy Arts Level 3 Instructor qualification in Dragon & Tiger and Level 2 in Foundational Qigong. I'm also a qualified Mindfulness teacher with The Mindfulness Institute, and have completed a 3 Year Certification in Somatic Experiencing. ​​​

I remain indebted to all my teachers and fellow students on the winding road.


Anna's patience and enthusiasm with students. as well as her passion for Qigong, has made her an invaluable part of the teaching team in our London Qigong School.

As a complete beginner, Anna gave me one-to-one tuition. We met in the park and practiced surrounded by nature. Sessions were tailored to my needs, sensitive to my capacity and mood. I always came away uplifted, calmed yet energised and focused. We who learn from her are lucky.

Alix, Primary School Teacher

Anna's positive and encouraging attitude

helps make learning a pleasure.

Jackie Smith, Instructor

Jason Roberts, Instructor

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