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Group Classes in Primrose Hill, 2023

Dragon & Tiger Medical Qigong

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Dragon & Tiger Qigong

 Dragon & Tiger Medical Qi Gong is a 1500 year old kinetic healing system. It consists of 7 movements that trace acupuncture pathways around the body to stir and clear stagnant chi. In China, Dragon & Tiger was championed in the ‘60s and ‘70s by Zhang Jia Hua, a female doctor of Chinese Medicine, because she saw its success with healing chronic illnesses like cancer, but it has huge benefits for everyone, including cleansing the liver and lungs; improving fluid circulation; increasing general energy levels; and stabilising the nervous system. (In other words, addressing many of the problems we all encounter with the ageing process) It’s also fairly easy to learn, whatever age you are or level of fitness you have. 

NEW Dragon & Tiger Medical Qigong classes 14th and 21st October 2023

Saturdays 10am-1pm

Primrose Hill Community Centre, 29 Hopkinson’s Place
Fitzroy Road, NW1 8TN

Cost: £30 per class (book online or pay cash on the door) 

Pay £50 for both classes

All levels are welcome. I will be running two groups. New students will learn the basic movements, existing students will be able to refine their technique and energetic benefits

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